Monday, December 3, 2007

Neighborhood Watch - the original!

Neighborhood Watch @2007 Karen Mathison Schmidt
16 x 20 • acrylic on cradled gessobord • sides painted dark umber
gloss varnish for protection & ease of cleaning

Well, we’re fast approaching another new year (they just keep on coming, don’t they?) so I’ve been doing my best to muster up the gumption to put the finishing touches on projects I started months ago and tie up all those loose creative ends for this year. I think this was the only painting I had left unfinished, and now it’s done!

This one has a kind of a retro, illustration-y feel to it that I really like; I started the painting back when we were still living in town ... this is our Trixie keeping an eye on things on our corner. She was really good at letting me know if any unauthorized persons (or dogs, or cats, or squirrels) were passing by. Even out here in the country where she and Henry can actually go outside just about any time they feel like it, she still loves looking out the windows.

Here’s a detail of the picture:

Thanks to all of you who keep checking in ... I’ve been a little lazy lately when it comes to my blogging. Also, I’ve been blog-tagged by fellow artist blogger Helen Read (thanks, Helen!) so look for my response to that soon!