Monday, January 11, 2016

A head scratcher

Why, oh why must the annual reappearance of Cadbury Creme Eggs coincide almost perfectly with freshly made New Year’s resolutions?

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Back at the easel … finally!

After a LONG time away from painting and blogging, during which my husband and I moved out of our big old house, traveled halfway across the country and back visiting family, and started renovations on our new-to-us little ol’ farmhouse, I’m glad to be finally getting to work here in the room which is my cozy little studio.

We’ve moved in even though the house is quite rustic and still in a far-from-finished state (these things always take way longer than expected, especially when we are doing most of the work ourselves). But even though for the time being we are living a sort of “Little House in the Big Woods” life here, there are one or two pockets of cottage-y comfort, such as a newly working bathroom and a very comfortable warm bed, along with lots of comfy blankets and throws for the furry family members.

AND we finally have our satellite installed and so full internet access … woo-hoo!

I’m still having a bit of trouble updating my website, but hopefully that will be resolved before too long, and things will be steaming along quite nicely.

A lot of my studio is still in boxes, and will remain so until warmer weather and I can put a new coat of paint on the walls, but I’m unpacked enough to get back to painting at the easel and writing and answering emails.

Thanks bunches for all your kind messages while I’ve been away from the blogosphere. I’m really excited about the new paintings I have brewing, and I’m busting with news about this year’s workshops! Keep checking in for updates and announcements along those lines in the next couple of weeks.

Happy Painting!