Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Painter’s Progress

I had a great painting day working on this one today.

Here are the progress photos:

I started today by adding some definition in the bottom part of the painting, before diving into painting the sky.

This close-up shows how I’m defining the branches and leafy sections of the trees by painting in the negative sky space around them. I love this part!

Painting in the negative space around the branches this way lets me make some of the them really really skinny and delicate looking, adding more texture and variety. Just the way trees are in real life.

Now I’ve started adding in the sunrise colors in the bottom section of the sky.

And here I’ve added a yellow glaze to the sunrise parts of the sky, giving them that morning glow.

And here’s where I stopped today ... 

... to be continued!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back to work! Again!

Well, after a few weeks of spring cleaning, a mission trip, a porch & patio party, and garden projects, I’m back at the easel with this new one in the works. It’s 18x24, I’ve started the underpainting in acrylic, and I plan to finish it in oils. That’s allowed, you know. You can paint with oil over acrylic, but not the other way around, unless you want the painting to crackle on purpose. Hmmm ... I may try that sometime, just out of curiosity, just to see what happens.

I mean, the universe wouldn’t implode or anything if one painted with acrylics over oils.

Would it?