Friday, September 28, 2007

Heeeeeeere’s Louis!

Basket Case © 2007 Karen Mathison Schmidt
6 x 6 • acrylic on gessobord
Gloss varnish for protection and ease of cleaning • sold unframed
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This is Louis (pronounced Lewis), who lived next door to us before we moved out to the country. A beautiful black kitty with auburn highlights in his fur, golden eyes (though one eye was a little on the greener side), sometimes he would come over for a play date while his servants/owners were gone to various work and school activities. Most times the play dates turned into get-into-everything-he-could-find dates. I walked into the front room one day to find him here in our dog Trixie’s toy basket. Maybe he thought that’s where he belonged, since he was one of Trixie’s favorite playmates. And even though Trixie is about six times his size, Louis had no trouble holding his own with her!

Trixie and Louis were best buds, and often whenever Trixie and I would go for a walk, Louis would tag along with us, just like a little dog. A few times he accompanied us all the way around several blocks. I’ve never seen a cat do that before. Sometimes my husband would really crack me up by saying things he imagined Louis was thinking, in a voice that sounds like Phil Hartman impersonating Frank Sinatra. What a cat! We love it out here, but we sure do miss our neighbors!

Here’s a closer detail of the painting:

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Kelley MacDonald said...

I LOOOOOOOVE this painting! You really captured the "Louis-ness" of him! He looks like my old buddy, Max, too (**teardrop*). I love your paintings, and I like it that you put up 'progress reports' while you're doing them!