Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sleeping Dogs

Work in progress:

1. The pencil sketch:

2. The black and gray paint sketch:

3. Blocking in shadows and highlights with cool and warm colored glazes:

Check in again on Thursday to see the fun part!

I managed to sneak in another half hour on this today. It must be noted that all the while I was painting these sleeping pups, the actual subjects were up to all sorts of shenanigans, tomfoolery, rough-housing, horseplay and monkeyshines (yes, you heard me - monkeyshines!) in the kitchen, where they currently reside during these rainy days.

I feel I must be congratulated on my powers of concentration ...
I kept on painting while ignoring a solid half hour of pretend
growling noises, wrestling noises, bumping into cabinet and kitchen table leg noises, a minute or two of sudden suspicious silence (during which I could have sworn I heard puppy whispering), more puppy tumbling noises, ripping paper noises (I wasn't too alarmed, as I recognized the familiar sound of their doggie house-training papers being torn to shreds), dragging noises and more sliding into the walls and cabinet doors.

I should probably mention that this morning I complimented the little angels on the fabulous job they’re doing on demo-ing the kitchen floor for us. They’ve started pulling up the vinyl flooring over in the corner by the back door, which is going to save us oodles of time down the road when it’s time to put in the new kitchen floor. Hopefully by that time these two will be cozily ensconced in the back yard with a new fence and doghouse to call their own.

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