Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A new painting and a muddy driveway ...

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Heirlooms © 2008 KarenMathison Schmidt
6 x 6 • acrylic on Gessobord
gloss varnish for protection & easy cleaning • sold unframed

Sold • private collection, New Bern, North Carolina

I found this pitcher way back in the back of one of the kitchen cupboards when we first moved into our house. It’s definitely seen a lot of years of frequent use, it’s a little shabby looking, and I love it! I use it to water the potted chrysanthemum on the back porch.

Whenever I remember to water it, that is.

Don’t have to worry about that this week anyway, what with the rain and all. Just when they were ready to start painting the house, too. And it’s supposed to rain every day until next Wednesday. Bummer, dudes! Oh, well, no worries. I’m sure they’ll be able to get on it the week after next. At least it will start getting a little cooler for them in September!

Here are a couple of work in progress photos:

Meanwhile, here’s our driveway today:

Imagine how it’s going to look after 8 more days of rain!

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