Thursday, February 5, 2009

Missed Photo Op

OK. So I walk in the kitchen the other day and Henry is standing on the stove.

All four feet. On top of the stove. Licking out the frying pan.

Later on, when I told my husband about it, he said, "Did you get a picture? That would be great on your blog!"

I just looked at him.

Somehow, when I feel like I need a little break and I get up and go to the kitchen to freshen my coffee and get a muffin or maybe a bagel and the sight that greets me when I walk through the door is sixty pounds of bluetick coonhound on top of my stove licking out the frying pan, running to fetch the camera is not exactly the first thing that crosses my mind.

Although now that I think of it, that WOULD have been great on my blog.


Here's the stove:

And here's the dog:

Use your imaginations.


Kerri Settle said...

And here I think I've got my hands full with five cats! It would have been a great photo but I think it's just as funny in my imagination.

Karen Mathison Schmidt said...

Hi Kerri!

Five cats? Hey, I KNOW you have your hands full! I bet your house is brimming with feline hilarity ... Don't you just love 'em though?

hmmm ... you've inspired me to put up some more pics of my cats ...