Monday, March 23, 2009

One Sure Sign of Spring

The cropduster’s here, the cropduster’s here!

He’s been buzzing the fields all around us for a week or so. When he was working right across the road from us, I took these photos from our front balcony.

He was so close! Almost right in our front yard!

This guy is so much fun to watch. He’s a real daredevil. Once when I was walking down the road with the dogs, I stopped for a while to watch him flying back and forth. Again and again he would turn sharply, so that the plane was perpendicular to the ground, then he’d level out and swoop back down over the corn field.

A couple of times I caught myself holding my breath as he headed straight for the line of trees bordering the corn field, pulling up just in the nick of time, clearing the topmost branches by scant inches! Whew! Then he’d turn around and head back down, again just missing the treetops.

What a showoff!

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Sydney Harper said...

When I lived in Mississippi, I got a big kick out of watching the crop dusters.