Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blue ... then and now

Today my nephew Brian turns 12 (happy birthday, Bri!) and in honor of his birthday I’m posting pics of one of his favorite canine pals, our Blue, then and now. The “thens” are from September last year.) It also happens to be my brother’s birthday today, so happy birthday, David!

Here are Blue and Sophie, BFF’s, then:

a little later:

and now:

They grow up so FAST!

And finally, going down those scarey back steps, then:

and now:



Kerri Settle said...

Happy birthday to your nephew and brother, and thanks for sharing the adorable photos of Blue growing up! I always imagine that life at your house is never dull.

Connie Michael said...

Karen, I love your paintings and these photos are just adorable. I bet you're not surprised I'm an animal lover!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Ach! I thought I commented on this when I saw it. I LOVE it. What adorable babies! And what handsome big dogs! Lucky you!