Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Invasion of the Spider Lilies 2009

Oak Tree on a Foggy Morning WORK IN PROGRESS

After a couple of weeks of hot, steamy thunderstorms, then a day or two of hot, sticky summery days, we woke up yesterday to a deliciously cool fall morning ... and today’s weather is downright perfect!

One sure sign of fall is the spider lilies popping up everywhere. And I do mean popping ... they spring up so fast, I think I could probably take a lawn chair and a cup of hot tea out in the yard and sit and watch them growing. Seriously, while I was out taking these pictures, I was sure I turned around one time and there were a few more than there were before.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Karen,

Can't wait to see the finale of your latest inspiration.

Hope you, Paul, and your ark are doing well!