Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Becoming dogs ...

Our youngest “pups,” Sophie and Blue, are two years old today. Here they when they were just little tykes ... they’re the ones nearest Matilda’s head ... the third one, Jack, lives the high life in Keithville now, having been adopted by our house painter when he was nine weeks old.

Sophie, just waking up from a nap, and wondering what in the world is that little black box thing I keep holding up to my face.

Blue, in his natural state. Look at all that skin! Good thing, though, because as it turned out he was going to need all that extra to grow into.

Exploring the back yard.

Posing for the paparazzo. Look at those ears!

All grown up, and enjoying a life of doggie luxury here at Edgewood. Still wondering after two years what in the world is that little black box thing that I keep holding up to my face.

Sofas to nap on; squirrels, raccoons and the occasional possum to chase; two squares a day; chew bones galore; Animal Planet on the tube.

Who could ask for more?


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Oh my Karen what absolutely gorgeous dogs you have...there heads are about the size of my wee pomeranians lol. Such beautiful colourings and the puppy photos just so sweet :))

SiLa said...

Beautiful dogs!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I lost you because you used to be Just the Paintings. But now you're found (Amazing Grace)and I'll add your link to my page.
LOVE These dogs which I think are Vislas? (brown Weimeraners?)

Karen M Schmidt said...

Thank you all! Yes, they are beautiful ... and chock full of personality, too!

Mary, they're actually a Redbone Coonhound mix. Did you read "Where the Red Fern Grows"? There have been a couple of movies made from the book as well. Anyway, the dogs in the book were redbones. I must admit, though, our big Blue does remind me quite a bit of a Weimeraner

Also, it doesn't seem possible because our dogs are so long-legged, but their Wisdom Panel blood tests show that there is Dachshund and Bassett Hound in the mix as well. I guess that would explain why they're such avid diggers!