Monday, October 11, 2010

Edgewood Old House Restoration continues:
that little room at the end of the hall
plus: Taking the carpet off the stairs

Here’s how the little room at the end of the hall that used to be nothing more than our recycling staging area became cheery, usable space.

Once upon a time there was a little room at the end of a long hall that was more than a bit drab and full of trash. Nobody ever went in there except to toss something out.

Although it did have some pretty cool old
built-in cupboards and drawers.

I pulled up the old, old, old linoleum and found wood flooring. Sweet! Except now I had to try to clean up that old adhesive. Bummer.

Sophie came to help
Hmmm ...
wonder what’s under those water-stained acoustic ceiling tiles ...

Hey, more wood!

Plus disintegrating cheesecloth and old paper ceiling cover. There’s that early-twentieth-century green again!

Almost done. It took a while because some of the tiles were stapled down on one end and the cheesecloth had been nailed in place, so I had to pull out staples and itty bitty nails as I went.

Mid-project messiness.

Walls and ceiling primed with Kilz stainproofing primer.

And now, the fun part ... color!

This color is “Inchworm” from Valspar. Normally I wouldn’t choose this color for walls, but I wanted a little pop of brightness amidst all the blue of the hall when looking down the hall from the front door.

Beauty, eh?

I added even more brightness with a little rug I got in New Mexico a long, long time ago. I haven’t painted the trim yet, and I’m still working getting all that old adhesive off the floor, but I have faith that it will get done eventually!

I moved this little high-boy in from a bedroom, and I’m using it to store various things like light bulbs and pet supplies.

See? Dog bowls, heartworm prevention and an unopened box of Milkbones. Once the treats get opened they go into the ant and puppy-proof container that you can see just on the very left edge of the photo. Behind the mirrored door is a LARGE ant and puppy-proof container of dog food.

I have other plans for the built-in cupboards opposite. Like winter wear and mud boots and umbrellas. Keep in mind that there are practically NO closets in this old house. And the ones we do have are tiny. Teency weency. Like hobbit closets.

Here’s how the room looks from right inside the front door. And Andy lying in his favorite spot right in the middle of the hall. Oh, I forgot to mention that I painted just the wall at the end a slightly darker blue, “Dusty Spruce,” to make the green fresher looking, and to give a little more definition and depth to the area under the landing.

One thing led to another and NOW I decide it’s time to remove that musty old carpet from the stairs. Notice how the carpet pad underneath is just disintegrating to dust. Yuck.

It took me two days to do the whole thing.

The landing was tough. LOTS of staples and little nails.

So here’s the hallway right after we had the roof replaced. The reason I know it’s after the new roof was put on is that there are no pots and pans sitting on the stairway to catch leaks.

And ... ta DA!

Once we get a fresh coat of paint on the front of the risers the stairs will look beautiful, but here’s how the hall looks today. Well, yesterday. Today wasn’t this bright because it’s been thunderstorming all day. In fact, the sky has been so dark this afternoon that it was too dim to paint by natural light, which is why you’re reading about old house renovation and not art making right now.

It’s supposed to clear up during the night, leaving us with a long stretch of cool, sunny days, so I’ll be back with the cat painting tomorrow.

At least, that’s the plan.


Denise R said...

Wow Karen! You have been VERY busy! Looks great though and I love the progress photos! Thanks for sharing!

Theresa Paden said...

It's really fun to see the before and after photos! Your house is looking beautiful!

Karen M Schmidt said...

Thanks! It is a lot of work, but we're having fun. Every time I start getting discouraged at all we have left to do, all I have to do is drag out the "before" photos to see how far we've really come, and I'm ready to tackle another project!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I love, love, love this post. Hey, when you are done with the stairs, I have a kitchen floor with a zillion layers of linoleum, partially torn down to a nice wood floor... if you want to come over...