Friday, December 3, 2010

Dog Romp

In the chilly mornings, right after breakfast, is our gangs’ favorite time for a raucous romp. I like to walk out with my coffee and watch. I get many a morning chuckle out of this.

Most of the time I just try to stay out of the way. On this morning a few weeks back, I took my camera out to capture the shenanigans. One of these days we’re going to get a video camera, but until then, while you’re scrolling through these you have to imagine that at any one moment four or five dogs out of the six are barking their silly faces off. And their voices cover quite a range, from Matilda’s cute little raspy bark to Blue’s long, deep bay and Sophie’s drama queen squeal, and everything in between. Good thing we live out in the country.

So. Here we go.

The morning games usually start with everyone standing around after breakfast, kind of scoping each other out.

Then somebody will get the ball rolling.

More often than not, that somebody is Andy.

Things begin to get a little revved up in the arena as everyone joins in.

A little trash talk is bandied about.

Andy teases everyone with a little false start ...

and ...


A surprise move from Blue as he lunges for the tail ...
and the crowd goes wild!

Hey, wait a second ... where did everybody go?


What? How can barking at squirrells
POSSIBLY be more fun than chasing ME?


And ... THEY’RE OFF ... again!


Did you see me running with the big dogs?

So, are we gonna go again, or what?

OK! One more time ... out to the tree and back!

Last one back’s a rotten egg!

Hey, you didn’t touch the tree ... no fair!

*Whew!* I’m tuckered out!


zzzzzz ...

zzzzzz ..

double zzzzzz ...

zzzzzz ...

Hmm ... I know there’s a squirrell up there somewhere ...


Tree Hugger said...

LOVE your Dog Romp!!!
Too Much Fun!!

Joni said...

I too love this photo story of dogs at play! Great series of action photos.

I think this is the first time I have found your blog. I will stay around for a bit and check out the art too.

Connie Michael said...

This is waaaaay too funny. Dog lovers will really GET IT!

Ruth Andre said...

I love the start for Biscuit and just fell in love with all of your dogs. What fun to see them all out for their morning romp!!!!!!!

Theresa Paden said...

Love your photos of your dogs romping about! So much fun to see them playing and fun to see them all sleeping later, too! You are a great dog mom!

Anonymous said...

i know this was posted a long time ago but since i have only just found this other blog and realised i am on another blog, i thought i would check it out. this doggy picture story would be perfect for a story book! loved it!