Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hey, we have 22 people signed up for my workshop next week ... woo-hoo!

Ray’s so excited he can hardly stand it.


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Great excitement, are the tummy butterflies setting in yet.....I'm afraid I'd be on medication by now lol.

I think Ray is practicing his posing or dreaming about the new fans he's going to meet and if they'll remember to bring the catnip

Anonymous said...

You're having a workshop? When where and how much?

Karen M Schmidt said...

Hi, Elizabeth, it's still ten days away, so not too many butterflies yet. I'm sure they will be fluttering fast and furious by about Thursday of next week! LOL

Hi, Sherry, actually this first workshop started out as one planned and organized by Shreveport artist Robin Clauson, for her current students, where I would teach as a guest artist. Which is why I didn't really advertise it in any way. If this one goes well (which I feel sure it will!) we will put together some more which will be open to anyone, and then I will be sure to let all my blog readers and the emails list from my website know all the details.

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm ... I'm sure another workshop won't be too far off!

Denise Rose said...

Yay! Hope to make one of your workshops one day! I am certain there will be more!