Thursday, December 8, 2011

A warm gift, warmly remembered

Last night was freezing, and this morning we lit the pilot light for the gas logs in our bedroom fireplace and turned on the fire for the first time this season, trying to cozy up this drafty old house a bit. Although technically winter doesn’t begin for another couple of weeks it sure feels like it’s already here since we’ll be having below-freezing nights for the next few days or so.

I just pulled on some thick wool socks and cozy jammies and I’m getting ready snuggle up with Paul and a cup o’ hot chocolate (and I’m sure a dog or two, or three or five) ... we’ve been saving up our recorded “Jeopardy!”s and are going to have a mini-marathon (4 shows in a row). Just about my favorite TV-time thing to do. Later on we’ll turn on the electric blanket to warm up the sheets a bit before bedtime. That always reminds me of when my Mom and Dad gave us the blanket four years ago, before we had really had any work done on the house. We were living with 2 circuits of electricity, no heat except a couple of little space heaters, which we used in the living room and kitchen, and that meant a really, really cold bedroom at night in the middle of winter. It was so nice to jump into a warm, cozy bed courtesy of that electric blanket. 

Here’s a blog entry I wrote back then:

Ode to an Electric Blanket

On long winter nights 
when the whole world is frozen,
this gift keeps us warm
from our heads to our tozen.

Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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