Monday, January 23, 2012

Home again, home again ...

Oak Tree and Daffodils WORK IN PROGRESS:

Even though they aren’t quite in bloom yet, I couldn’t wait to get started on some daffodil paintings. Here’s the underpainting for a little one I made a start on this afternoon.

Paul and I just got home this weekend from a trip to California: first Long Beach, where we stayed with my sister and family while Paul attended a guitar workshop with Paul Gilbert; then up to Fairfield and San Francisco, where we visited Paul’s parents, sister and niece, and an old friend whose band Paul used to play in; then back down to Long Beach and a couple more days with sis and family. A whirlwind trip full of fun, but good to get back to hearth and home (not to mention cats and dogs)!

On our last afternoon there, my sister and I visited Rancho Los Alamitos to wander around the historic gardens and take pictures. By the time we finished the guided tour of the ranch house, the light was fading fast, but we managed to snap a few before dusk.

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