Saturday, March 24, 2012

Butterfly Buffet

Hey, everybody! I really didn’t mean to take a blogging hiatus; I’ve been ultra busy with a couple of art-related projects for our church (a poster and flyers for a women’s event, and four lamb-shaped yard signs, meant to be neighborhood announcements for newborn babes). Now I’ve completed those, and will be starting on a couple of painting commissions I have lined up. I’ll show progress photos on those as soon as I have them.

I also did the first mowing of the season this week, which has been absolutely gorgeous weather-wise. The mowing was about three weeks past due because our mower was in the shop having its blades replaced and some other small repairs, but now I’m glad it took so long because otherwise this little patch of thistle would never have had a chance to spring up. I mowed around it because I really love thistle, which grows wild in the pasture, and not only that, it seems to be an absolute butterfly magnet! All this week, ever since mowing on Monday, no matter when I traipse out to this little patch, it’s crowded with butterflies. Glorious!

All you artists out there, feel free to use any of these photos as reference for painting ... if you feel like it, send me a photo of your painting and I’ll post it with a link to your blog or website.

Here’s one monarch over on the left. I’m hoping to get some better shots of these orange and black beauties, but they’re kind of camera shy, and really quick! This little guy flew off high up in the live oak tree, and stayed up there all the time I was taking photos. Got him with my zoom, though:

Meanwhile, back at the thistle:

 I love this little odd man out ... the black and blue one with the orange spots.

Here they were all trying to crowd onto one blossom. 
Must be the dessert section of the buffet.

 Butterfly echo.

Happy painting!

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Rose Welty said...

Karen - these are incredible shots! Don't you love inspiration right outside the door? I definitely may have to try one of these, thank you for being so generous with your photos - I've yet to capture a butterfly.