Thursday, May 3, 2012

Works in progress!

Here are photos of two works-in-progress I have going in my studio now. Above is a detail of a 6 x 6 painting of Moustachio hanging out with some cute fake birds perched on a Welcome sign I had on the front porch during the winter. Well, I had it out until April because I like it so much, but around mid-April I decided that since it has fake snow and poinsettias on it, it wasn’t really in tune with spring, so away in a box it went until next November or so.

And below is a close-up detail of the bright eyes of a dog named Wicket, from a 16 x 20 portrait commission. My plan is to finish this one tomorrow. Can’t wait to show the owner the finished portrait!

I also have another commission in progress that I’m super excited about ... the front and back cover art for Amy Metz’ new novel, Murder and Mayhem in Goose Pimple Junction. I’m working with Amy on hammering out composition, and I’ll be completing those paintings over the next couple of weeks. I’m very excited about this!

Ray is so excited he can hardly stand it. Look, he’s on the edge of his ... well, um ... table.

Now downstairs to spend some cuddle time on the couch with husband and dogs.

Later, taters!


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Wow a book cover that sounds really really exciting can't wait to see that. Love Ray's photo, that cat is always living on the edge :O)

Karen M Schmidt said...

Ha ha ha ha! Yes, he is, Elizabeth!