Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Slow, but steady progress ...

WORK-IN-PROGRESS (commission)

Dividing my time between work, home, pets (including one VERY active new-kid-on-the-block kitten), and husband still in physical rehab working his way back to mobility, has made these days just fly by. Here’s the latest progress photo of the Tabasco chihuahua painting. I think Tabasco himself is just about finished ... now I’m continuing to work on those comfy blankets (remember, the dark green is going to be a red plaid in the final version). As soon as I organize my reference photos for this, I’ll show how I took Tabasco from napping on his owner’s computer desk to being ensconced in the coziness of soft, comfy blankets, according to her request. Keep an eye out for more progress!

Meanwhile, we are thinking of and praying for our friends and family in the path of the storm in the northeast. Please remember them in your prayers.

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