Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A most productive day ...

Threshold • 12 x 16 WORK IN PROGRESS

I love days like today, when everything seems to flow so smoothly ... hallelujah!

Paul is making great progress toward getting on his feet again.

The dogs were pretty much well behaved all day and didn’t get into any recycling bags or anything. Even Roadie.

I’m working on an extra special commission that I can’t show yet.

AND I managed to squeeze in a good start on this landscape of a portion of a pasture down the road from us. Above is the completed underpainting; here are the progress photos so far:

First, the sketch in black and capuut mortem violet acrylic (the violet is a beautiful dark, neutral violet; it has the effect here of warming up the gray in the trees area).

Next, adding some glazes of Hooker’s green, raw sienna, Prussian blue and some burnt sienna.

Some more layers of phthalo blue, quinacrodone fuchsia, and raw sienna (for that neutral yellow back toward the horizon.

Then some more Hooker’s green, fuchsia, and a little vermilion to warm things up in the foreground and the sky. I did all this so far with quick, broad strokes, and used colors that would make for a little more muted underpainting than usual, to keep a “fall-into-winter” kind of feeling.

This started out as a field with different color swaths of grass, but now I think I’m starting to see a pond there, too.

Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!

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