Tuesday, August 13, 2013

When opportunity knocks ...


800 Miles to Long Beach  © 2007 Karen Mathison Schmidt, artist
18 x 36 inches • acrylic on archival, museum quality cradled GessobordTM
private collection • Long Beach, California

A lone easy rider, a biker in blue, makes his way through the beautiful New Mexico landscape, not another soul in sight along this tranquil stretch of desert highway. Only 800 more miles to the Pacific!

In actuality, this motorcycle rider was zooming along just ahead of us on I-40 as Paul and I made our way west to my sister and family’s house in Long Beach for a much-looked-forward-to visit. 

In our white Camry. 

Not quite as cool as a hog, but the view was just as breathtaking.

Plus we had the Eagles on the radio and an ice chest full of diet cokes in the back seat. Groovy.


Paul A. Schmidt said...

Yes my dear, whomever buys this wonderful painting is getting a great deal as well as a premium piece of artwork from my favorite painter!! But of course I could be biased!!!

Alan said...

Lil' Bro's Imagination at Work

I noticed that the clouds above the mountains kind of look like Mt. Rushmore and the guy on the bike close up looks like "Biker Bob" from Lego's Easy Rider set, part of the "Open Road" Collection.

Coming to a store near you. :)