Saturday, February 20, 2016

Heart Art

 Though My Heart Is Torn © 2011 Karen Mathison Schmidt

Since I added this heart as part of the design of the February update on my website, I’ve had several requests for prints (thank you all for your lovely emails!) 

So I just wanted to let you all know that this week I added Limited Edition fine art prints of this art to my eBay store in three sizes (starting at $45), and also in Collectible Art Cards ($7.75)

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Sharon Dobbs said...

Hello Karen,
I found your work recently on Pinterest, and stayed up way too late looking through your posts here late last night, lol! Your work is so lovely and just appears effortless. Your confidence really shows, I must say. I am a self-taught artist from Savannah, Ga and I have experimented for decades now with all kinds of mediums and styles, with some happy successes and some abysmal failures. I was in a gallery for about 10 years, and that closed a few years ago (the art scene here in Savannah has suffered greatly), and I have only recently taken up my brushes again. I have lost all sense of myself, it seems, and I think I am finally tired of switching styles trying to "find myself". My painting has always had a tendency towards being too tight, and in my opinion, not lively enough. This is something I have always had to work against. I think that is what I am drawn to in your work, the looseness, yet there is detail in a few strokes. Do you have any tips or resources you could recommend to help me loosen up? Types of brushes? Certain things to avoid? I like to work from my own photos as well, and I certainly have an abundance of inspiration around me. I travel all over the back roads of Georgia with my job, and I have alot of photos of barns, sharecroppper shacks, fields, etc...but I find myself a bit "stuck" and unable to get what is in my head out onto the canvas. I want to turn my pictures into simple, pared-down paintings with lively, unexpected colors, but I am getting blah and over-worked outcomes. So sorry for this ultra-long post, but I could really use some advice from someone who knows what they are doing. Thank you! Sharon