Thursday, June 30, 2016

A new composition

Tuesday afternoon a friend took me to another friend's family farm to take photos of chickens and a rooster for future painting reference. While I was there I got pics of cows, sheep, pigs and their beautiful cat. Of course I can't resist starting off with the cat! 
I used the grid method to draw my subject onto the Gessobord. When I'm drawing a composition for painting I draw every main shape I see, including shadows and highlights. And don't forget the whiskers and eyebrow whiskers; their direction and the shapes they make when criss-crossing each other are just as much a part of the composition as everything else!
This is actually a light pencil drawing; I darkened it in Photoshop to make it easier to see. While I was drawing, the shapes reminded me of continents and countries on a map. Check back for more progress!

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CrazyCairn said...

Love seeing your process from drawing to Finish. Very inspiring !