Saturday, July 23, 2016

A painting for a summer day ...

Cool Breeze  ©2016 Karen Mathison Schmidt
10 x 10 inches • oil on ⅛" archival Gessobord panel
gloss varnish (UV protective)
NOTE: this one is fresh off the easel, and will be ready to ship August 2


in my eBay store

I was in a California craftsman kind of mood today, so I set out to really simplify this Louisiana landscape and evoke a really fresh summertime feel. So peaceful painting this afternoon, imagining myself walking in the shade of these trees, alongside a cool lake. Pure summertime joy!

My initial drawing was very stylized ...

... and then as usual my acrylic underpainting was bold and vivid!

I added my oils over the underpainting in large areas of mostly flat color, 
to keep the simple, bold feel.

And here's the painting with a few fun finishing touches. 

Happy Painting!

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Jill Butler Design said...

Beautiful! I discovered and started following your blog yesterday. I love your work!