Thursday, July 26, 2007

The joy of indoor plumbing!

Yep, I’ve been doing the “we’ve got water” dance all morning. We’re flushing again! We can brush our teeth in the sink! We have a laundry hook-up! (no washer or dryer yet, but a hook-up nonetheless.) Thank you, Ben Franklin Plumbing of Shreveport!

We won’t have hot water until Saturday, but I’m definitely NOT complaining ... they’re coming to pick up the port-a-jon today!

I have the distinct feeling this blog is going to be turning into a combination artist blog and This Old House restoration journal ...

And now, the next priority ... a new roof! Here are some pics of the leak catchers I have strewn all over the 2nd floor porch and adjoining upstairs bedroom. (I also have containers all over the attic – the first line of defense!)

As you can see, we haven't even started cleaning out the upstairs yet (it took me about 6 months of weekends last summer and fall to clean out the downstairs enough for us to be able to move in and have a little “apartment” of 3 rooms – kitchen, office, combo bed-and-living room – to live in while we work on the rest.) You can also see that the plaster from the ceiling has started falling down in the yellow bedroom. Paul has started getting estimates for the new roof (ah, the joys of being your own contractor), as well as grading and fixing the dirt driveway so work trucks can get in and out without getting stuck.

Oh, and the very first picture on this post is the back door knocker, with the name of the house barely visible: Edgewood!


Anonymous said...

YAHOO!!! and HOO-RAY for indoor plumbing!!!


Kelley MacDonald said...

You brave girl! I've been AWOL, but just checking in and seeing what you've been up to (naughty Trixie...!). Having moved a million or so times, I sympathize... living in an old (not as old as yours) house with not one plumb line, no doors that close, disaster plumbing, electrical, etc. - I commiserate! Good luck!