Saturday, February 9, 2008

Equine Encounter

AUTHOR’S NOTE: After I finished this post and previewed it, I thought to myself, Hey, this is kind of in the style of some of The Pioneer Woman’s posts. OK, so it’s totally in her style ... I hope nobody thinks I’m ripping her off!

Just now my husband sat down to look at it, and said, "Hey, you’re totally ripping off Pioneer Woman!”

I said, “I know, I know! I didn’t mean to!” I really didn’t mean to. I love Pioneer Woman.

Oh well. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? And maybe if I put enough links to her blog, she won’t get miffed. Right?

This old guy, retired from his horsely duties, hangs out in the expansive pasture across the road. Sometimes he'll be way off in the distance, sometimes right by the road, sometimes by himself, sometimes in a group of other younger horses - he’s even been known to mix it up with the cows from time to time:

He spends a lot of his free time munching yummy pasture grass, taking a break now and them for some freestyle frolicking :

and sometimes he can be seen just standing contemplatively under a pecan tree while a breeze blows his mane around his face.

Yep, he’s a real renaissance horse ... a horse for all seasons.

Yesterday on my after dinner walk with the dogs, here he was, right by the fence, dramatically backlit by the setting sun and all, so of course I had to stop for an impromptu photo shoot.

Hey, whatcha got there?

Is that a CAMERA? Are you gonna take my PICTURE?

Hold on, let me go over here and strike a pose!

Here’s the noble steed, bravely preparing to valiantly carry the White Knight courageously into battle!

Am I handsome or what?

Hey ... um ... could I get some 8 x 10’s of that for my grandkids?

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Anonymous said...

Well it IS the same subject matter as some of the ol' Pioneer Woman shots-- but hey, she's not the first one who ever took a picture of a horse... and besides... there is a tree in yours! hers are mainly the flat plains! He's a pretty horse... later tater!
-- Kathy