Friday, February 15, 2008

When satellite goes bad

We’ve been having trouble this week with our satellite connection. The connection speed has slowed down to SLOWER THAN DIAL-UP! So frustrating, so no blogging. Isn’t it funny how fast luxuries become necessities? I’m so spoiled. It’s an amazing thing to be able to have access to the world wide web at any speed, actually, when you think about it. So I shouldn’t complain. But I was really happily surprised when this photo uploaded without timing out on me!

Earlier in the week predicted a couple of nights in the 20’s for us, and I knew these pretty little flowers might be all brown the next morning, so I went out in the yard and the pasture in the drizzling rain and cut bunches of them to bring in and put in vases so we could enjoy them longer. The little white ones, the paperwhites, are unbelievably fragrant. I’m very grateful for the way they mask almost completely the smell of wet dog when Henry, Trixie and I come in from a rainy walk.

Tomorrow I’ll try to post some more painting pictures for you, even if it takes all afternoon for them to upload!

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Lenora said...

You must live quite close to me. I live in NW La and paint and teach art. Tried to email you but can't seem to get one through.