Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Big 1-6!

Hey, Scott! Grumpy Gus and the Green Duck here have been reminding me all day long that it’s my first nephew’s 16th birthday today.

I wanted to post a photo I have of you when you were 2, standing in the hall here in the big white house, looking up at me standing on the landing. I know it’s in a box around here somewhere ... I just saw it a few weeks ago.

Oh well, you’re probably breathing a sigh of relief I can’t find it.

You are, aren’t you? Yeah, I thought so. In fact, you probably think the Grumpy Gus & Green Duck photo is lame enough, thank you very much.

You do, don’t you? Yeah, I thought so.

I know I still owe you a surreal painting of a flying green pig, but for now a Green Duck will have to do.



from Aunt Karen, Uncle Paul, Henry, Trixie, Matilda, Buster, Ray, Annie & Bailey!

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