Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A new season of paintings

Summer Reflections, 16 x 20 acrylic, work in progress ...

I guess you’ve noticed that I’ve been on a painting hiatus since the work on our house started in earnest back in May. Well, I got to where I was just about to bust, creative-wise, so I’m back to painting again.

I’m going in a super-impressionistic direction with this one. A carefully planned composition, combined with a spontaneous application of paint. It’s not done yet ... I spent some time studying it last night before I hit the hay, fell asleep with a few ideas about how to move toward completion swirling around inside my head, and woke up itching to get started on it again.

I just have a few things I have to do first. I have the painting propped up in the next room where I can see it from afar while I’m doing work for my graphic design job, so on one level my mind is working on the painting all the time.

Oh, and I do have a few more photos I’ll post later on to show what’s going on with the house!

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