Thursday, April 16, 2009

AND NOW, the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

A few of you, anyway. Well maybe one or two of you.

At least I know my Mom has been looking forward to this moment.

After knuckling down and gluing myself to this chair in front of my computer for nigh on 14 hours now, with just a few - ok, seventeen - breaks for another cup of coffee, and just a little teency schmeency break to sneak across the road and take a picture of the Wild Bunch:

(You can tell they’re wild because they’re all sporting earrings in one ear.)

Anyway ... drum roll, please ... TA DA!

MY NEW WEBSITE, featuring fine art prints in MY EBAY STORE, plus original paintings (of which I don’t have any yet because I’ve been goofing off building my website and my Ebay store), is FINALLY READY to visit!

And the crowd goes wild.


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Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh yeah! Julie and I went totally wild! Whooo hooooo! Go Karen! Go Karen! Love you! Mona