Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I love my job.

Gracie work in progress ...

Yesterday I hitched up the mules to the wagon and headed to town to have lunch with my friend Mona at her place.

Not really. I hopped in the Camry and drove to town to have lunch with my friend Mona at her place. I took my camera with me, as I try to remember to do every time I go someplace, because you never know when that once-in-a-blue-moon photo op will present itself.

Well, as it so happened Mona’s friendly gray tabby Gracie was in rare form yesterday, and I got several wonderful photos of her. Mona has another not-so-friendly gray tabby Sadie, who hissed at me when I arrived and ran under the bed, where she spent the entire time I was there. Oh well. She won’t getting her portrait painted this week!

So here’s Gracie so far, ensconced in her favorite napping place on a wicker love seat amongst several comfy and colorful pillows. I plan to finish this one tomorrow and list it on Ebay. And I’ll post more work-in-progress photos as well.

And now I have a date with my husband. I’m meeting him on the sofa in about two minutes for popcorn and a movie.

Hasta maƱana, amigos!

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