Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bailey, international cat of mystery

Birdwatching by Karen Mathison Schmidt
18 x 24 • acrylic on cradled Gessobord

I finished this one in February for Acrylic Secrets. You can see my step by step process in the book; the editors gave me a six-page spread for this one!

I had a lot of fun painting Bailey in this large format. I’m pretty sure she likes the finished piece, too, because while I had it sitting in my office she kept posing in front of it.

Here’s a snippet from a conversation we had while I was working on the painting:

Me: I wonder if I should have gone with the 9 x 12 board. This one is pretty big.

Bailey: Darling, when it comes to a picture of me, bigger is always better.

Me: You know, you should be honored that I chose you for the subject of this one -- this picture is going in a book that’s supposed to be distributed in four countries.

Bailey: Excellent. It’s about time the world knew of my beauty.

Ah, Bailey. So beautiful. So modest. Gotta love her!


Denise R said...

Can't wait to see Bailey in the book! I ordered my copy today, yay! Love, love, love how you do the eyes!

Lana Gramlich said...

Very lovely! Congratulations on the book. I'm also a Louisiana artist, so I was glad to find your site. :)

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

She looks like my first kitty, Kippy! I love the way you handled the gentle rainbows of colors in her fur. She seems regal. Tell her that for me! I'm so thrilled for you and proud of you for your inclusion in this book. Must buy it.