Saturday, October 31, 2009

Post-rain dog pics

After so many rainy days, we (dogs included) were overjoyed to be able to spend a little time outside this Beautiful Saturday.

Here are Andy and Buster, soaking up a few rays.

Andy (100 lbs.) and Matilda (35 lbs.) standing in the mud pit we like to refer to as “the back yard.”

This is Buster’s senior pic, under the old oak tree. I directed him to look thoughtful, like he was daydreaming about his future. He actually looks like he’s zoning out a little.

Same location, Matilda’s senior pic.

And here are our 2 big boys, Andy and Blue ...

... standing on the peak of a big old upside down satellite dish we haven’t quite gotten around to hauling away yet. (OK, how many of you out there remember when satellite TV dishes were 6 feet in diameter?)

And here’s our Sophie, hanging back on the porch. “Hmmm ... do I really feel like getting my feet muddy?”

And finally -- because she definitely does not like to get her feet muddy -- here’s our Trixie, chill-axin’ in her favorite chair in the den.


Denise R said...

They are all so cute! It looks like you have lots of good company!

Karen Mathison Schmidt said...

Hi Denise,
Yep, they're a lot of fun ... we love each and every one!