Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stick a fork in it -- it’s done

Dog Tired © 2009 Karen Mathison Schmidt
12 x 12 x 7/8 • acrylic on cradled Gessobord
sides painted dark umber
cradling allows for hanging
flush against the wall

gloss varnish for protection
& easy cleaning • unframed

$300PURCHASE this
fauve puppy dog painting

FINALLY! Here are our four beloved redbones, stackin’ up a few Z’s on their favorite blue plaid blanket after a morning jam packed with a hearty breakfast, squirrel chasing time, seeing who can bark the longest and loudest, and running for the sheer joy of running. After about 2 hours they’ll wake up and do it all over again until suppertime. It’s a dog’s life!

Here are some brushwork details, and below these are all the work-in-progress pics:

(I'll add a few notes on these after lunch, so check back!)


Denise R said...

Great job Karen! I love the blanket and how you handled the plaid. I am sure I would have chickened out and just made it a solid color! I love it and just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

SiLa said...

Hi Karen! Beautiful painting!
I noticed it right away.
We are together on DPA.
God bless.

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

beautifully wonderful painting! thank you for showing the progression!

Karen Mathison Schmidt said...

Thank you so much, everyone, for your wonderful comments!

Leslie Anne Pease said...

Wonderful. I loved watching this evolve.

Mary B said...

Thank you so much for showing your progression of the painting. I love the way you paint and this helps me to see how you work. It's so interesting, the way you use colors! Love it!