Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Power struggle

Here’s Roadie, relaxing in his favorite chair. That’s not his coffee cup in the background, though, it’s mine. Because this is also MY favorite chair. This is a picture of his “You’re not REALLY going to make me move, are you?” face. Yep, it’s a power struggle, but I usually win. Usually.

Just a quick post to let you all know I’m still here. I just finished up with a large commissioned painting that I can’t show until tomorrow ... because it’s a surprise, and even though I don’t think the surprise-ee is in the habit of reading my blog regularly, I’m not taking a chance. Today I’m starting on another commission, a 16 x 20 portrait of a real cutie pie of a dog. For that one I’ll show progress as I go, because it’s not a surprise. After that is another commission I’m really excited about ... I’ll share details of that one in a few days. 

Happy painting!


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

What a pathetic face, he's sure going for the sympathy vote lol. Looking forward to the seeing your new work :)

Judy Wood said...

You're ahead of me in the chair game. The dogs don't get to be in my special chair, but the 21 year old cat not only gets left alone if she has prior claim to it, but can actually guilt me into leaving it if I'm already there!

Karen M Schmidt said...

Yes, Elizabeth, he certainly does know how to pour it on thick ... I've often told him that he wouldn't get away with near as much as he gets away with if he weren't so darn cute!

Hi Judy ... 21 years old! A grand age for a kitty ... I'm sure I would have to let her sit wherever she wanted, too!

Amy Metz said...

What a great picture! They certainly make it hard for you to be the boss sometimes, don't they?!

Karen M Schmidt said...

Hi, Amy! Yes, they certainly do. And when they've done something that puts them "in the dog house" so to speak, it's so hard to stay mad at them when they give you "the look"!