Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A new office assistant

This morning when I walked into my office I found Jo reading my email. 

She was even answering a few of them.

So if you get one from me requesting that you send coffee, 
tuna or little toy fishes stuffed with catnip, feel free to delete it.


T said...

You know that the dogs would be much more loyal and reliable workers!

Karen M Schmidt said...

Ha ha! Yeah, but they have a tendency to chew on the keyboard. Plus they get distracted WAY too easily. :)

cheryl said...

I think she sent my cat, Gracie Allen Burns a note. Should we leave them alone, or see what happens as email pals?

I found your work on Pinterest and I love, love, love it. I am a cat lover and nature enthusiast, so there you go... I also am a pastors wife so loved reading about your faith on your blog. Very inspiring.

I am an artist focused on watercolor right now, trying to devote myself from amateur to professional status. Very challenging in this economic environment.

Your work, skill and style of art has thoroughly inspired me!!! Do you teach classes? There is something so fresh, colorful and dynamic about your work.

If you don't teach is their an acrylic artist that you would recommend for classes? I look forward to following your work!! blessings on your endeavors and have a blessed Easter
Cheryl Hunt
I just finished a cat portrait. Rascal is a wonderful used bookstore proprietor where we live and I just had to capture his literary genius. See him at :