Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Design geek at work ...

Hey everyone, thanks for checking in! I’ve been somewhat absent from bloggers-ville for the past week and a half or so because I’ve been busy working on my soon-to-be-revealed website re-design.

Plus I kind of got sidetracked checking out all the cool applications and services (of which there are approximately one gazillion) available with my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, which I’ve had for a while now but until recently have only been using the apps I know: InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Several months ago, as a newbie subscriber to what we ... *ahem* ... insiders ... like to refer to as “the C-Cloud,” I went to the “Apps” page for the first time and saw all those shiny new icons sitting neatly in row upon row, representing all the cool programs with their groovy new features for creating and organizing just about everything from interactive websites to print pieces to animation to movies to music to books to you-name-it and more. It was like I was in a virtual Disneyland for creative professionals, and I had a booklet full of E Tickets (remember those?) My eyes sort of glazed over and I think I may have drooled on my keyboard just a little bit.

And even though the painter/artist part of my brain is itching to get back to the easel -- the above misty morning photo is inspiration for a new landscape painting I’ve been brewing -- my inner website designer is positively giddy over the fact that I was finally successful in hosting my newly created image for the customized PayPal “Buy Now” buttons on the new site.

Look out, people! I’m gettin’ my geek on!

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