Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ice Pics

I haven’t quite finished preparing and uploading all my progress photos for the cat painting yet, so instead I’m sharing these photos I took yesterday, in the aftermath of the ice storm of Tuesday night. 

Here’s the old oak tree out front. From this angle, with the branches weighed down with ice, they look almost calligraphic. Love this windswept look!

 This thorny vine on the pasture fence looks like some kind of avant grade sculpture.

The pasture gate.

Here are the spider lilies, which bloom in September. We let the leaves grow all winter to feed the bulbs before we mow them around the end of March. That way we’ll have even more blooms next fall.

By noon yesterday all the ice started to melt, and with all the water dripping from tree branches and the roof of the house it sounded like it was raining all afternoon, even though there were just a few clouds left in the sky. Today was absolutely beautiful, if a little chilly, and for the next four or five days the forecast says beautiful warm springlike days with just a bit of rain. Hard to believe that Monday and Tuesday were so wintery -- welcome to Late Winter / Early Spring in the Arklatex!


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Wow it's strange to think of you with frost while here in the 'frozen North' we haven't any, lovely photos :)

Mind you what is even stranger is I seem to be able to leave a comment on your Blog and I can't even get into mine to write a post....sigh. Hopefully it will all get cleared up soon :))

Karen M Schmidt said...

Hi Elizabeth! Yes, ice storms like this one are unusual for us, and even now just a few days later, it's beautiful, warm and springlike with lots of sunshine! I'm torn between working on my paintings today or working outside in the yard. Maybe a little of both, I think :)