Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Battle of the Pet Portrait stars

Untitled dog portrait in progress • 9 x 12 oil on cradled GessobordTM

Got a late start on this one today, but I did make a little more progress before dark. Roadie’s markings make him both fun and challenging to paint. At first glance you might think, oh, a black-and-white dog. But in addition to his blue merle coloring (black, gray and white), he also has a good bit of red and dark brown mixed in. On my palette that translates to mostly black, Prussian blue, dioxanine mauve, French ultramarine, burnt sienna, Persian red, raw umber, burnt umber (again the question comes to mind: why no cooked-to-perfection umber?) and white. 

Oh, and cadmium yellow medium, cadmium orange, vermilion and yellow ochre to round things out. 

And, just for fun and to keep things lively, Caribbean blue, turquoise light, quinacrodone magenta and brilliant rose.

Notice how some of his markings are clearly defined, and some sort of blur into one another. Fun. Almost as much fun as painting Jo.

Almost. Or maybe more, hard to say.

It’s a pretty close call.

Uh-oh ...

… looks like we may have a new contender for the title of “most fun to paint” 
on the horizon!

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