Friday, May 8, 2015

A Different Point of View

I’m always trying to turn things upside-down 
and see if they look any better.


The world is wrong side up. 
It needs to be turned upside down 
in order to be right side up.


A Different Point of View ©2015 Karen Mathison Schmidt
8 x 8 x ¾ inches • oil on ¾" cradled GessobordTM
gloss varnish (UV protective) • sides painted dark umber
can be easily displayed or hung with or without a frame

or view the auction • ends evening of Wednesday, May 13
10% of proceeds benefit Mercy Ships

Here’s our Ray, in a typical pose. He was a big, fluffy gray and white “cap-and-saddle” cat who thought he was a ragdoll. We could always depend on him to have a different take on the world.

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