Thursday, June 4, 2015

What’s an ACEO, anyway?

You may or may not have heard of ACEO’s, and if you have, you may not know exactly what they are. ACEO stands for “Art Card Editions and Originals.” They are 3½ x 2½ inches, and may be original works of art or Limited Edition Prints. Most of the ones I’ve seen have square corners, but some have rounded corners. They are mostly two-dimensional, but some collage artists have been known to push the envelope on that, and they can be made of just about any artist’s materials. There are even some fiber artists (like needleworkers, weavers, knitters, etc.) who are starting to make ACEO’s.

The small, standard size of these little pieces of art make them fun and affordable to collect, and as the movement has spread, ways of displaying them, like in single or multiple frames, or collector’s books, are becoming more and more easy to find. Some manufacturers of art materials are even starting to make papers and art boards available in this little standard size, for artists who want to create original ACEO’s.

For the past few years I have been making ACEO Limited Edition prints from most of my paintings. Sometimes the ACEO will be almost just an exact mini-version of the original painting, and sometimes it’s cropped to show a detail of the original, but each Edition is limited to only 25 cards on heavy ultrasmooth fine art paper, the same paper I use for all my fine art prints, so buying one of these little Limited Edition ACEO’s is an affordable way to see if you would like to invest in a larger print! I sign and number them on the back in pencil, along with the title and the date of the original painting from which they were made, and they come to you in an acid-free crystal clear plastic sleeve. 

They’re priced at $7.75 each, with free shipping in the US. (only 25 cents for international shipping)

Here are a few new ones I’ve just added. Just click on the title if you’d like to go to the card in my eBay store :

And here are a few new larger prints I’ve just added, too (each is available in two other sizes as well; 
you can email me or ask in a comment below):

Pontoufle • 12 x 12 inches • $55

Almost Spring II • 20 x 16 inches • $100

Mist Slowly Rising • 12 x 12 inches • $55

Skirting the Storm • 16 x 16 inches • $90

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Sharon said...

Thank you so much for your gift of art--the cats are marvelous and the landscapes are glorious! Art always lifts my spirits daily!