Friday, March 11, 2016

Weathering the storms

This commission is oh, so close to being finished, which I was planning to do yesterday. That was before our electricity went out midmorning, in the middle of a raging thunderstorm, and it was so dark all day that we could barely see to get around the house, let alone paint!

Our power was restored last night -- hallelujah! -- and today when the rain finally started letting up (and in spite of televised advice not to go out on the roads if you don’t absolutely have to), I ventured out to get groceries. I ran into flooded roads in three directions (yikes!), but after a little more exploration I finally found a little grocery store I could get to -- again, hallelujah! -- about 25 minutes north of us. I figure they must be getting more customers than usual (like me), because the shelves were completely bereft of some basics like bread and milk, but I was relieved to see that they did have the most important items on my list -- whew! -- dog and cat food.

Tomorrow I plan to have this painting finished, and another little one available for sale.

Meanwhile, here are some photos I took on today’s adventures.

Here’s one of our neighbors stepping out on his front porch, which has been transformed into a dock by the flood. See how their propane tanks (over to the left of the photo) are half submerged.

This is a double wide just up the road from us. We almost rented this while we worked on our house. To give you an idea how high the water is, the garage is an extra tall one to accommodate an RV and the bottom of the front door is about five feet off the ground. The family that lives there now had to use a boat to evacuate!

Loggy Bayou, now up to the bottom of the overpass.

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