Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wild blackberries! ... and robins ...

This week I’m preparing for my trip to Savannah, Georgia, to teach as a guest artist in two workshops hosted by artist/teacher Rebecca Kahrs the first two weeks of April. I’m still in process of putting final plans in place for a few workshops I’ll be teaching closer to home, and I’ll be announcing those details soon.

Meanwhile, just wanted to share these photos of wild blackberries which are blooming all around the unmown areas of the pasture, and even trailing off into the woods all around. 

Here the hundreds of little white blossoms remind me of falling snow.

Now I’m glad we didn’t get around to mowing the whole pasture before spring.

Looking forward to some delicious berries later this summer ...

... and I have a sneaking feeling that we’re not the only ones!

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