Saturday, May 28, 2016

Feline minds

Cats never strike a pose
that isn’t photogenic.



Getting back to this one this afternoon, after taking yesterday to work on another large landscape, and here’s the current progress photo. This is the point in the painting when I’m stepping back often, taking stock of the color combinations, deciding what and how much of the vivid underpainting I want to leave showing. The composition of this one also has sort of a craftsman feel to me, with a kind of stylized design to it.

Those of you who guessed “PONTOUFLE!” were correct: here he is, lying in some tall grass near the front porch. I like to imagine that HE’S imagining himself one of the big cats, a lion or tiger, deep in the heart of the jungle somewhere.

Kind of like Bailey in This Side Up, imagining herself tearing through outer space at the speed of light, in her own private starship:

This Side Up © 2011 KMSchmidt

Also I’m quite sure that Pontoufle thinks that he’s totally hidden behind those blades of grass, much the way Jo thought she was completely obscured by the geranium in Hidden Treasure. 

Hidden Treasure © 2013 KMSchmidt

Wouldn’t you just love to know what’s going on in those feline minds?

A Different Point of View © 2015 KMSchmidt

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