Friday, September 2, 2016

NEW Original ACEO painting!


Good Morning, Sunshine  © Karen Mathison Schmidt
ACEO size: 3½ x 2½ inches • oil on Ampersand (archival) EncausticbordTM
private collection • Athens, Texas

I’m not quite sure when Ampersand started making these in this size; they may have been around for a while but I just found that these sustainably-produced, archival hardboard panels (with the smooth white gessoed finish that I love to paint on) are now available in ACEO (Art Cards Editions & Originals) size, so now I can start making ORIGINAL paintings available for all my ACEO collectors! Not to mention that collecting ACEO originals is an affordable way to own original art by lots of different artists.  

I thought I finished this one of Pontoufle earlier in the week, but I let it sit on a shelf in my studio for a couple of days and then this morning I saw just a few finishing touches that I wanted to make. Nothing major, but adding just the tiniest touches of bright orange, yellow and pink highlights made him a little more “glow-y,” heightening the feeling of early morning sun on his fur.

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