Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fall Cleaning

This morning I’m doing some deep housekeeping and organizing in my studio. The “deep” in front of the “housekeeping” means it involves pulling EVERYTHING out of drawers, boxes and shelves, taking inventory, throwing out or giving away about a third, gathering into one place everything I’ll need for the Red River Revel in October, and then putting everything back in a neat and organized manner.

I try to do this about twice a year. The two main benefits are: 

(1) sometimes I find things I didn’t know I had, but I can really use, like the half-full bottle of Turpenoid Natural I just found in back of some bubble wrap on a top shelf (don’t ask me how it got there, but now I can cross “Turpenoid” off my shopping list!), or the twenty-three dollars stashed in last year’s Revel pouch (now I can get that tube of Vasari Indian Yellow I’ve had my eye on, which just happens to be on sale right now – yay!)

(2) when I’m done I once again have a neat and inspiring space in which to paint!

Meanwhile, Moustachio – lounging atop a stack of magazines in his favorite chair, which has been temporarily scooted out to the front porch with a bunch of other stuff – is definitely NOT into the whole thing.

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ArtbyNicolaMcLean said...

Sounds like a productive exercise. Funny I just did the same with our cloakroom and found a hat I thought I'd lost and which I'd wanted to take on holiday with me. We go on Saturday so that was fortunate! Mustachio is a fantastic name - what great markings he has!