Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mishaps before coffee

A cheerful heart is good medicine ...


My husband wanted spaghetti for breakfast today (I know; we’ve never had a very strict definition for the term “breakfast food”) and I started making it before my coffee. I picked up the almost-new three-pound box by the wrong end and the entire contents slid out onto the floor. 

I stood frozen for a split second, empty spaghetti box in hand, looking down at the resulting sculpture (which brought to mind a game of Pick Up Sticks with approximately four million sticks) and just couldn’t help busting out laughing. Demonstrating almost unbelievable presence of mind since I hadn’t had a drop of coffee yet, and before the dogs realized what they were missing, I quickly and gingerly scooped up the whole sculpture – which was surprisingly cohesive – out of their reach. 

Took a lot longer getting it back into the box than it did getting it out.

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