Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Coffee Break Jam

This week is a very intense, deadline-laden week for me on my graphic design job (I telecommute for a large west coast paper distribution company, for those of you who might be wondering) and I’ve been working today since 6:30 am. But I’m taking a coffee break now and thought I would take the opportunity to sign in to post this photo from a recent morning walk with the dogs. Notice the green, green wheat in the distance. In a couple of months and then through the summer it’ll be waves of golden yellow. I love this seasonal life.

Right now Paul is in the next room improvising some bluesy guitar music. And sitting here listening to him play and sipping a fresh cup of coffee with - ok everyone, all together now: - French vanilla creamer - I’m feeling very energized ... so, back to work!

More paintings soon, I promise!

Also coming soon, exciting news (to us, at least!) concerning our house restoration project ...

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