Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wild Beauty

Late Winter Glow © 2008 Karen Mathison Schmidt
18 x 24 • acrylic on 1" cradled Gessobord
gloss varnish for protection and easy cleaning

Just a quick post to show this one finished. That is, I think it’s finished. I wanted to show work-in-progress on this but blogger is being a bit reluctant to upload more images at the moment, so I’ll try again later.

This is a bayou about a mile from our house ... in the late afternoon a few weeks ago, just as the sun was dipping below the tree line. Everything was in shadow except for an occasional spot where the rays of the sun were reaching through to lend a glow to the tops of the water grasses or the side of a tree trunk. It was so still and peaceful, but with a touch of wildness.

The foreground on this has a lot of texture and layered color glazes ... Here are some details:

Later, taters!

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Melanie said...

i love the colors on this and the February Dusk one - lovely as always!