Friday, May 16, 2008

Satellite blues revisited ...

Hey, everybody! I tried to post this yesterday, but our satellite went out just as I hit publish. Such timing! I came over to my parents’ house to work today (They have cable internet here in the big city) and so here’s the post I tried to publish yesterday:

Yearwood Road on a May Afternoon © 2008 Karen Mathison Schmidt
6 x 6 • acrylic on gessobord
gloss varnish for protection & easy cleaning • sold unframed
SOLD • private collection, San Luis Obispo, California

Our electricity was out for a good part of the day yesterday, due to severe thunderstorms and heavy rain. It’s times like this that I wish we lived somewhere like Santa Fe or Taos or something. Or Hawaii. In the non-monsoon season of course.

For several hours we were without phone and electricity, and our driveway was a veritable lake. We were completely cut off from the outside world. We did get our mail though. Even on days like yesterday, you can pretty much always count on that. An Albertson’s coupon circular and an AARP membership card offer for me.
AARP! Yikes!

I got away from it all by painting this little picture of our country road. Hard to believe this lovely afternoon with blue sky and puffy white clouds was just a couple of days ago. Well, northwest Louisiana weather being what it is, it will probably be just like this again in a day or two. I just have to be patient, I guess!

No work in progress photos of this ... I painted it fast and loose! (the complete opposite of the way I live.) But here are some close-up details:

Oh, and by the way, today (2 days after the horrendous storms) is absolutely beautiful, just like in the painting. Just as I suspected it might be.

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